KALAMIDA & CO. “Olive Grove” is a family company founded in 1975 that focuses in the trade and processing of table olives. Since the end of 2015 the entirely company ownership passes to Kalamida Constantine.

The company’s main object is the treatment, processing and packaging of various varieties of olives, ensuring highest hygiene requirements and optimal quality results. In 2016 the company, continued its upward process, proceeded to the construction and completion of new facility of 800 sq.m.

“Olive Grove” is primarily an export unit in more than 95% of its turnover and generates the bulk of its sales in Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden), as well as Belgium, Italy, Serbia, France, Australia, USA and Iran.

Olive Tree

The olive tree is an evergreen and perennial tree.  The cultivation of the olive tree is limited to the two temperate zones and especially to the Mediterranean basin, which holds 98% of the worldwide plant potential and production. Cultivating olive trees is not demanding and this is why they can survive even in particularly inaccessible areas.

The European olive tree (the olive tree which produces olive oil) has many varieties. There are about 130 varieties of olive trees with 50 of them being the most well known. Some of these varieties are the result of a long process of development and adaptation to the microclimates where they were planted, whereas other species are the result of laboratory developments. Depending on the variety of the tree, olives can be categorized as small, medium and large caliber. Moreover, there are also ornamental olive trees.

Green Whole Home


The varieties of the olives of ourcompany are: Green Chalkidiki olives, Kalamata olives, Black olives of Amfissa and Throubes.



The olive tree first appeared thousands of years ago in the Mediterranean basin, and from there it spread to all neighbouring countries.


The facilities

The company’s facilities are located in New Moudania, at approximately 45 km from Thessaloniki, in a privately-owned area of 22,000 sq. m.